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Dark Humor; Darker gifts

Dark Humor; Darker Gifts

Home Page takes the lotion from the basket...

…it rubs the lotion on its skin.

Is your supervisor, significant other, or neighbor a nagging Diva in your life?  This is the gift that lets them know how much you value them by telling them where to go and what to do in a special kind of way.

Give it to the over-charging  mechanic, the mouthy sales clerk, or the teacher fond of pop quizzes.

Everyone loves a gift basket.  This one comes with a  very special card.

"The Buffalo knows you annoy me to no end; so here is a little something to help smooth things over.  Just take the lotion from the basket and put the lotion on your skin.    Now, isn't that relaxing"

But, remember…

Buff Aloe Billie’s Body Lotion is a high quality, 97% natural skin cream that will make your skin so soft, you’ll be afraid someone will take it away from you.

So buy some extra for yourself.  We won’t tell!


Basket, poodle, card, and, of course, a 4oz bottle with lotion.

No Douche Bags Allowed:
You sent the basket, so wear the shirt!

Basket with Lotion $13.95

Every one LOVES a Gift Basket and this basic set up gives you exactly what you need to creat your own, special, unique experience.

Small Basket with 4 oz bottle.

...and your little dog, too.

Wrong movie? Maybe so, but it’s a line we can never get enough of.  Remember, ‘Buffalo Bill’ was nothing without his little ‘Precious’.   And Catherine would have never survived if she didn’t have Precious in her arms.  Look at those eyes!  Once you get a hold of ‘Precious’ you’ll never want to let ‘Precious’ go.  Make ‘Precious’ your good luck charm today.

'Precious' Small stuffed poodle perfect for 6" basket

$2.99 .com at! Expires 7/09/13.
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